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HELYX Group of Companies

Our solutions reduce harmful emissions and reduce the energy consumption of enterprises by reusing resources.


The HELYX group of companies has been producing a wide range of products and equipment for more than 16 years, has a successful experience in implementing large infrastructure projects in the field of industrial water treatment, wastewater treatment, improving the quality of drinking water for the population, environmental improvement of water bodies, effective management of production and consumption waste, reducing the level of air pollution.

In 2018, we became a partner of the Skolkovo Foundation, we are participating in a joint startup with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech). Our production facilities consist of 4 factories and the SK BIO LAB based on Skolkovo.

The nearest plans include the construction of an ecological center, which will be equipped with the latest laboratories and experimental facilities. This allows engineers, designers and designers to develop innovative solutions and conduct experiments in no time. The result is new energy efficiency products that will reduce energy costs for businesses and improve people's lives.
4 factories

In Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

In the water treatment and wastewater treatment market

4 000+

We produce products annually

Plant in the Tver region (Redkino)
Plant in the Chelyabinsk region
Factory in Shchelkino
The plant in the Vladimir region
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HELYX success

HELYX success

Company's mission:

We care about the environment, save money for enterprises and make people's lives more comfortable. Our solutions reduce harmful emissions and reduce the energy consumption of enterprises by reusing resources.

About production

Our values

At HELYX we adhere to the following values: honesty, openness, trust and responsibility.

Implemented objects

HELYX is us!

The HELYX team is: company employees, dealers and partners. Everyone contributes to the development of the Russian economy: we design, manufacture and build. We are just doing our job to make life in our country more comfortable.

Career at Helyx

Company history














Foundation of BioPlast LLC

On May 4, 2007, BioPlast LLC was founded.

HELYX brand

The HELYX brand was developed, the symbol of which is the snail. The snail is an integral part of the ecosystem, one of its global tasks is water purification by eating algae, food waste processing. One of the leading activities of the company is wastewater treatment systems, which are created from the design stage to construction using equipment of our own production.

New pipe production line

In October 2013, a new production line for the production of pipes made of composite materials was put into operation on the territory of the BIOPLAST LLC plant. HELYX composite pipes are made by winding glass fiber on special forms at an angle to the axis of rotation of the form, the use of polymer concrete provides the necessary rigidity of the walls of products.

Foundation of Helyx Engineering LLC

The company was specially created for the construction and laying of sewerage networks, water treatment, heating systems and more.

Own factory

Our own HELYX plant was put into operation in the Tver region. In addition to the production area, the plant has a laboratory where special compositions of binding resin and combinations of fiberglass layers are selected and tested for individual orders with special requirements: chemical resistance, increased strength and other non-standard tasks.

Second plant

The second plant, located in the Leningrad Region, was commissioned.

National industry standard GOST R 55072 - 2012

The updated GOST R 55072 -2012 has been released to the Technical Specifications for "Reinforced with thermosetting plastic containers". This document was first developed by the Union of Composite Manufacturers in conjunction with Bioplast LLC in 2012.

Altair LLC joins HELYX

The Altair company specializes in advanced water treatment and water treatment technologies, has its own production, research and design facilities, carries out a full range of works to create modern water treatment and water treatment systems based on environmentally friendly reagent-free methods.

Cooperation with KAMAZ and NEFAZ

Within the framework of this project, the BioPlast company plans to manufacture containers and tanks for the transportation of light, dark oil products, food liquids, as well as specialized liquids that will be installed on freight vehicles.

HELYX is a partner of Skolkovo

Within the framework of the agreement, the Helix Technologies company was created - a research center with a laboratory in the energy tech cluster for researching the results of purification, creating new types of reagents and equipment for water treatment.

HELYX is a strategic partner of the environmental accelerator

The Skolkovo Foundation, in partnership with industry leaders with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, and the MINISTRY of ENERGY of the Russian Federation, is conducting the first accelerator in Russia for technological startups in the field of ecology - GreenTech Startup Booster.

HELYX has launched a new production of water filtration housings

Currently, such housings for water filtration and softening are not produced in Russia and are purchased mainly in Europe and China. The enterprise intends to occupy 35-40% of the Russian market by 2024.

HELYX and the Skolkovo Foundation create a "Green Technopark"

On December 7, at the site of the international forum "Open Innovations 2021", the partner of the Skolkovo Foundation, Helyx Technologies, and the Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster (EET) signed a cooperation agreement on the implementation of the Green Technopark integrated project.