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Equipment maintenance

Full functioning of water supply and sewerage systems is impossible without regular maintenance of engineering networks. In this case, maintenance is a comprehensive measure to ensure the operability of water treatment and water treatment equipment in the process:

  • its exploitation;
  • when stopping and preserving;
  • storage and transportation.

These include: cleaning installations and filter elements, lubrication and adjustment of detachable joints, replacement of system elements in the event of malfunctions or signs of wear, elimination of equipment malfunctions.

Based on the list of works that are included in the maintenance of water treatment systems, it can be carried out both according to the plan (regulations) and be unscheduled (in the event of emergencies or the threat of emergencies). The effectiveness of this procedure is achieved:

  • control of the technical condition of the equipment by conducting an examination and test checks;
  • regulated replacement of individual elements of the system when they reach the manufacturer's declared operating life;
  • carried out according to the plan or depending on the technical condition of the installations by painting, filling with oil and other special compounds and liquids necessary for their proper operation.

The main task in this case is to carry out the specified work in a timely manner, which avoids failures and emergency conditions in the operation of the equipment. All volumes of work performed and their results are recorded in a special journal.

Based on the results of the inspection and maintenance, a schedule is drawn up for routine inspection and inspection of equipment with the frequency required by its technical condition, as well as the timing of scheduled maintenance and overhaul.

Equipment modernization

If necessary, we are ready to modernize existing water treatment systems, replace equipment with a more modern one, introduce the latest water treatment technologies, including our own developments. The necessary work can be carried out both as a one-time service, and with the conclusion of a maintenance contract for a certain period.

This format will save you from the need for staff with appropriate qualifications, will significantly reduce the cost of repair work and prevent possible equipment malfunctions in time.