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Construction and reconstruction of industrial facilities

Construction and reconstruction objects

1. Water supply: water intake devices (VZU) and pumping stations for increasing pressure, water treatment and water purification systems, external V1 networks for household and drinking purposes.

2. Drainage systems: sewage treatment plants (biological treatment plants), storm water treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment plants, sewage pumping stations, storage tanks and external networks К1, К2.

3. Other facilities: industrial buildings, heating systems, fire extinguishing stations, storage equipment, industrial units, utility and residential infrastructures.

Our advantages

Powerful technical and professional resources. We have our own park of construction and other equipment. We employ highly qualified specialists, many of whom have academic degrees.

Our own research laboratories located at our production sites and in the Skolkovo innovation center.

Extensive experience in solving various problems, including taking into account the individual characteristics of the geographic location, budgetary frameworks, requirements for equipment, personnel, etc.

Complex works - from project development to commissioning and regular maintenance.

Implementation of modern technological and production approaches to improve work efficiency.