Water supply and sewerage systems

Water supply and sewerage systems

Important factors in construction

Water supply and sewerage systems play a huge role in the process of any construction. Their installation should be carried out taking into account the following factors:

  • height of the building to be erected;
  • relief features;
  • required volume of water intake and consumption.

Performing work without considering any of these indicators can fail. Before direct installation, a package of project documentation is being developed, which contains all the data and calculations necessary for builders.

Installing systems

The laying of pipes during the installation of water supply and drainage systems can be simplified as much as possible if the project is developed correctly. In the documentation prepared by professionals, maximum information about the upcoming work is displayed, and the installation specialists need to accurately and efficiently carry out the installation and docking of all elements of the system.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the installation of water supply and sewerage systems should be trusted only by highly qualified specialists.

After approval of the project, the following stages are implemented:

  • preparation of pipes and functional blocks;
  • the process of direct laying of systems, in accordance with the parameters indicated in the project;
  • assembly and fastening of pipes that will supply water;
  • testing and adjusting the system operation in various modes (including emergency, normal and extreme).

In addition to the standard water supply and sewerage system, large construction companies install filter systems of various levels, which makes it possible to ensure the quality of the supplied water regardless of the quality in the central highway.

Nuances in the construction and installation of water supply systems

It is necessary to take them into account, otherwise the system will fail in a very short time. And ignoring several of these nuances can lead to an emergency. So, what is worth paying attention to.

First, it is necessary to determine the optimal slope of the pipes. If there is an error in these calculations, the system will simply stop functioning.

Secondly, the starting point for editing must be fixed. That is, in an apartment, such a point may be a fan riser, but in country houses and low-rise buildings, such a point is the intersection of the foundation.

Thirdly, it is necessary to take into account the negative impact of factors such as temperature differences.

Fourthly, it is worthwhile to fasten the pipes, taking into account the fact that they should not be subjected to mechanical stress.

Sewerage installation

Sewerage is a logical continuation of the water supply system. But it has the function of drainage. Its installation also deserves close attention and careful design preparation.

There are many different parameters and conditions to consider:

  • diameter of pipes that will carry out drainage;
  • material from which the pipes will be made;
  • slope angle that will allow for maximum discharge of the discharged water.

Therefore, the installation of water supply and sewerage systems should in no case be trusted by amateurs.

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