HELYX took part in the exhibition of Tver manufacturers

HELYX took part in the exhibition of Tver manufacturers

On March 30, 2022, HELYX took part in the exhibition of local manufacturers "Industry for Construction". The event was held at the My Business Entrepreneurship Support Center. The center was opened on the initiative of Governor Igor Rudeni a few years ago and successfully helps Tver manufacturers to enter international markets, launches support programs with preferential loans and offers many other useful things.

– We are manufacturers not only in the Tver region, but also in the Vladimir, Chelyabinsk, Smolensk regions, in the Crimea. Annually we produce more than 4,000 products at five production facilities. We provide the regions not only with products, but also with jobs. Now we have launched the only production of bulk filter support cylinders in Russia. While there are no competitors in our country, so we compete only with China. They also began to produce and supply pumps throughout Russia, because many well-known companies left the domestic market. The raw materials, of course, are not all ours. Sometimes we work with China, Italy, but now we are increasingly switching to domestic purchases. For the supply of polyester resin, work has begun with the Tver enterprise Sibur, since imported raw materials are not only becoming more expensive, but they are also being transported longer. Fiberglass is brought to us from Gus-Khrustalny. Even the equipment is purchased entirely from Russian materials. In general, we are moving towards import substitution at full speed.

– Says Project Sales Manager Danil Dubo, giving a comment to MK journalists.

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