Altair LLC joins the HELYX group of companies

Altair LLC joins the HELYX group of companies

The Altair company specializes in advanced water treatment and water treatment technologies, has its own production, research and design facilities, carries out a full range of works to create modern water treatment and water treatment systems based on environmentally friendly reagent-free methods. Based on the tradition of a scientific approach and extensive experience, Altair develops sophisticated technical solutions and manufactures advanced equipment for micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration, reverse osmosis separation of liquids, electrodeionization of water, which is in demand among enterprises of the oil and gas sector, chemical and food industries in Russia and near abroad.

For more than ten years of activity, Altair LLC specialists have implemented over 1000 innovative technical solutions at water treatment facilities. The merger will allow clients and partners of the group of companies to receive a full range of technical services, solutions and equipment that meets Russian and international standards.

The merger became a logical step in the development of the HELYX group of companies, which is the largest Russian supplier of composite tanks and pipes, as well as solutions in the field of engineering systems and industrial equipment for water treatment, water supply and wastewater disposal, storage and transportation of liquids, including aggressive media.

"Orientation to the technologies of tomorrow and the ability to create high-tech production in Russia is the key uniting point of the activities of our companies," commented the commercial director of the HELYX group of companies Vladislav Aleksandrovich Alimov.

– “This association is dictated by the desire to develop advanced technologies, to realize the intellectual potential of the country. The inclusion of Altair LLC in the group of companies gives HELYX the opportunity to offer customers and dealers a full range of high-tech solutions, services and equipment for water treatment, water supply, water treatment and wastewater disposal in the industrial and residential sectors."

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