HELYX and the Skolkovo Fund create a Green Technopark

HELYX and the Skolkovo Fund create a Green Technopark

On December 7, at the site of the international forum "Open Innovations 2021", the partner of the Skolkovo Fund, Helyx Technologies, and the Cluster of Energy Efficient Technologies (EET) signed a cooperation agreement on the implementation of the complex project "Green Technopark".


The aim of the project is to cooperate in the development and implementation of innovative "green" technologies, production processes and supply chains of which are environmentally friendly or less harmful compared to traditional production methods as part of the creation of the "Green Technopark".

Speaking about the goal of the project, Sergey Abramenko, General Director of Helyx Technologies LLC, said: “The HELYX Group of Companies has been solving the issues of water purification and water treatment at a professional level for more than 15 years, building up expertise in the field of air purification and effective waste management. We are constantly monitoring innovations, I can proudly say that we and our partners from the EET Cluster were at the forefront of the creation of the now largest international program for the development and implementation of technological projects in the field of ecology - Greentech Startup Booster. With the construction of our Green Technopark research center on the territory of the Skolkovo innovation center, we want to reach a new level, not only to seek and implement innovative technologies ourselves, but also to create the necessary infrastructure for all Russian companies. From our own experience, we know what is needed to develop and implement innovative green technologies, and we are ready to share the accumulated experience with our partners".


Oleg Dubnov, Vice President of the Skolkovo Fund, Head of the Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster, supported Sergey: "By combining the capabilities of the ecosystem of our fund with many years of implementation experience of our partner HELYX Group of Companies, we will be able to offer the innovative community a unique infrastructure and services, bring the speed and quantity of innovations in the field of green technologies to a higher level. I hope that our industrial partners will support this idea and come to us for green innovations".

Visual of the Green Technopark

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