The first batch of HELYMED protectors delivered

The first batch of HELYMED protectors delivered

On October 28, 2020, HELYX sent the first batch of medical protectors to the regional clinical hospital for war veterans in Yaroslavl.

“This is an analogue of an imported product called a protector. It allows you to keep patients on oxygen therapy in the correct position, - says Sergey Abramenko, General Director of HELYX. - Yaroslavl doctors were convinced of the usefulness and feasibility of this device. And we made a batch of these medical protectors free of charge ”.

Первая партия протекторов HELYMED доставлена

“In the hospital we have many patients not only with coronavirus infection, but also with concomitant pathologies - acute cerebrovascular accident, acute heart attacks, other diseases that do not allow patients to move, but they need to lie in a certain position on their stomach,” explained the chief physician hospital for war veterans Mikhail Osipov.

According to the Secretary of the Yaroslavl regional branch of the United Russia party Alexei Konstantinov, the delivery of products is the result of the appeal of the United Russia faction deputies to sponsors in order to support medical workers in difficult times in terms of providing the necessary materials to provide quality assistance to citizens. Some of the protectors will also go to the Tutaevskiy regional hospital and other medical facilities where COVID patients are treated.

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HELYX manufactures protectors for patient positioning during the treatment of patients with COVID-19 and respiratory diseases

Первая партия протекторов HELYMED доставлена

The protector is anatomically designed so that the patient's breathing tube does not bend and tissue damage does not form on the face. The protector is designed for use during surgical procedures with the patient in a stationary position with the abdomen down, as well as maintaining access to the airway. The height of the pillow is optimal for patient comfort and for easy connection of the breathing tube to the ventilator.

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