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General description


Silos are used to store a variety of bulk materials in various sectors of the national economy and are most often used in grain elevators, cement and coal warehouses, in non-ferrous metallurgy and the chemical industry. Silos are unsuitable for storing bulk materials that have the property of caking or have a brittle structure that is broken by the pressure of the layer above.

Application area

Silos can serve as storage facilities for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, as well as intermediate tanks directly in the technological process. Silo warehouses can be designed as separate silos or as a group of silos combined into a silo body.

Short description

Since 2007, HELYX has been supplying silos in the form of one-piece, as well as modular structures, vertically or horizontally divided. A vertical transparent strip is placed on the body of each product: it allows you to control the flow rate of the product poured into the silo.

The silo is a cylindrical container with a conical bottom. Due to the vertical arrangement of the silo, significant space savings are achieved, despite the impressive volumes of raw materials saved. An equally significant advantage of a silo over conventional warehouses is the provision of an increased level of protection of stored raw materials from the effects of external environmental factors (dampness, rain, snow).

4 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually


Product benefits

    HELYX silos are made of fiberglass, due to which they have a number of advantages:
  • Ease
    The light weight makes it easy to transport and install the equipment.
  • Thermal insulation
    The inner surface of the silos has low thermal conductivity, which makes the equipment indispensable for use in open warehouses.
  • Strength
    Due to the high strength of the material and construction in general, the risks of damage caused by external factors are reduced.
  • Wear resistance
    The use of fiberglass as a material for the body increases the resistance of the silo to rust from the environment.

A wide range of silos of various diameters and capacities will allow you to choose the most suitable option for a storage facility with certain parameters.

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