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General description


When it is not possible to carry out drainage by gravity, sewage pumping stations – SPS are used. SPS with submersible pumps can be used for operation, both with a uniform flow of wastewater, and in the mode of multiple discharges of wastewater.

Features of SPS with submersible pumps
  • Pumps installed in the medium of the pumped liquid eliminate the need to install additional tanks, which significantly reduces the dimensions of the entire structure, as well as reduce installation costs.
  • The total costs of installation and operation of a sewage pumping station can be reduced due to the correct selection of pumping equipment and its capacities.
  • Submersible pumps are reliable and easy to operate, and the ability to remove the pump from the tank without pumping out the liquid allows you to quickly make the necessary repairs or maintenance.
  • Complete installation readiness of HELYX pumping systems, allows you to put the system into operation within a few days.
  • Automation of processes in the SPS makes it possible to increase the service life of the units, and if necessary, the specialist can switch to manual pump control mode.
  • The absence of noise and vibration, due to the functioning of the pumps in the pumped medium, allows you to get rid of the negative impact on the service personnel and the environment.
Construction of stations with submersible pumps

The installation of pumping equipment directly under water is the main feature of the SPS with submersible pumps. All the equipment is placed in one tank, which is immersed in the ground. In order for the tank not to succumb to the effects of groundwater and other factors, a reinforced concrete slab is laid at the bottom of the pit to which the base of the tank is attached. The housing of the HELYX sewage pumping station with submersible pumps can be supplied both in vertical and horizontal versions, in the form of cylindrical containers made of durable reinforced fiberglass.

The SPS allows pumping wastewater using 2 pumps as standard, which are attached to the bottom of the compartment directly into the pumped medium. In the upper part there are frames and guides for pumps, as well as hooks used for dismantling equipment and fixing sensors. Access to the compartment is through a hatch located above the ground, and for ease of maintenance, a ladder is attached inside the tank.

SPS are equipped, in agreement with the customer, with pumping equipment from leading manufacturers, including KSB, Grundfos, Willo, Ebara, Lowara. If necessary, our specialists select the equipment according to the individual request of the Client. The control cabinet of pumping equipment is manufactured according to the Customer's technical specifications. Standard execution types for outdoor placement (UHL1) or for indoor placement (UHL 4).

The composition of the SPS with submersible pumps
  • The housing of the HELYX pumping station is made of high-strength reinforced fiberglass (with a lockable hatch and a ladder for maintenance (vertical version of the station) and with a service well – a "neck" (in the case of a horizontal type of execution of the station). The well is also equipped with a lockable hatch and a ladder for maintenance.
  • Bed (metal frame) for mounting pumps with stainless steel guides.
  • Pressure pipe made of stainless steel. Check valves, shut-off valves made of cast iron or stainless steel, depending on the type of drains.
  • Pipes (incoming and outgoing).
  • Vent channel (natural ventilation).
  • Cable channel for power and control cables.
  • The platform for the maintenance of shut-off valves is made of stainless steel.
  • Pumping equipment.
  • HELYX assembly control cabinet.
  • A set for mounting to the base plate: for vertical – anchor bolts; for horizontal - tie straps.
The principle of operation

The effluents flow through the supply pipeline to the receiving tank. Further, submersible pumps pump wastewater in pressure mode to the destination. The control of the pumping equipment can be configured to work both in automatic and manual mode.

4 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually


Product benefits

  • High mechanical strength of the case, not inferior to metal and concrete.
  • Low body weight in comparison with steel and concrete analogues, which provides a simpler installation process and optimization of transportation, loading and unloading costs.
  • Durability of HELIX housings. The potential service life is at least 50 years.
  • Corrosion resistance, which allows the installation to be used: in soils with a high degree of aggressiveness towards concrete, steel.
  • Fiberglass does not absorb moisture and is absolutely sealed, additional waterproofing of the housing is not required.
  • Resistant to bacteria, microorganisms and fungi. Fiberglass is not a breeding ground for biological organisms.
  • 7-9 points seismic stability of the HELYX hull, confirmed by a certificate of seismic resistance.


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