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from 201 300 rub.

General description

In some cases, construction or manufacturing companies prefer to purchase enclosures for sewage pumping stations, rather than the entire SPS assembly. HELYX manufactures both separate tanks for the SPS and the SPS in full factory readiness.

Types of KNS buildings
    SPS enclosures by the presence of strapping
  • without strapping;
  • with strapping.
    SPS enclosures by design (orientation of the SPS enclosure)
  • horizontal;
  • vertical.
Housing without strapping

The body without strapping is a fiberglass container of a given size (diameters from 1000 mm to 4200 mm) without pipes and flanges, pumps and sensors.

Housing with strapping

On request, the housing for the SPS can be equipped with strapping: pipes and flanges. All Casings for KNS are made of fiberglass by the method of cross-winding.

5 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually


Product benefits

  • High mechanical strength of the case, not inferior to metal and concrete.
  • Low body weight in comparison with steel and concrete analogues, which provides a simpler installation process and optimization of transportation, loading and unloading costs.
  • Durability of HELYX housings. The potential service life is at least 50 years.
  • Corrosion resistance, which allows the installation to be used: in soils with a high degree of aggressiveness towards concrete, steel.
  • Fiberglass does not absorb moisture and is absolutely sealed, additional waterproofing of the housing is not required.
  • Resistant to bacteria, microorganisms and fungi. Fiberglass is not a breeding ground for biological organisms.
  • 7-9 points seismic stability of the HELYX hull, confirmed by a certificate of seismic resistance.


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