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from 141 790 rub.

General description


Fiberglass manholes have been used in utility systems since the 80s of the last century. The experience of their operation has proven the advantages of creating a well for a specific project, regardless of the field of application. In this case, the technical parameters of the equipment are optimized: the placement of the inlet-outlet nozzles, the depth level and subsequent loads.

Application area

Wells made of fiberglass have a fairly wide range of applications: utility networks, transport infrastructure, construction of industrial and commercial facilities.

Short description

HELYX manufactures wells for domestic, industrial and storm sewers, for shut-off valves and instrumentation, for a fire hydrant for fire systems. Also, the production of sampling wells, cable communication wells and other types has been established.

HELYX composite equipment can be supplied as part of fiberglass piping systems or, as independent products, for the repair or construction of utilities. Each type of wells is characterized by certain functions, but in practice, the functionality of the Helix well can be expanded depending on the characteristics of external engineering networks.


In a set for any type of HELYX wells, you can order the following equipment as an additional option:

  1. Anchors for well installation.
  2. Shut-off and control valves.
  3. Pump equipment.
  4. Service platform.
  5. Heating cable.
  6. Measurement and alarm sensors (manometers, thermometers, flow meters, level switches).
  7. Also, if necessary, we can perform well insulation.
5 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually


Product benefits

The latest technologies used by HELYX for the production of wells make it possible to create a complete factory product. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the total number of installation operations that require personnel access inside and carry out routine maintenance using cleaning machines.



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