General description


Sand traps are designed to remove large mechanical impurities (sand, fine gravel, sinking solid mineral particles) and suspended solids from wastewater entering the treatment plant.

Application area

Sand traps can be used as elements of structures for treating wastewater from large parking areas, airfields, parking lots, highways and roads, stadiums and other areas with a hard surface and organized drainage.

Short description

Usually sand traps are a preliminary stage of cleaning before petrol oil separators. HELYX has mastered the production of double treatment units: a sand trap and a gasoline oil separator in a single body - oil traps, which simultaneously clean the water flow from suspended particles and oil products.

The line also includes another type of sand trap, which allows you to clean the wastewater from suspended light and heavy particles at the same time - the HELYX vortex separator, or as it is also called tangential sand trap.

Sand box modifications

HELYX manufactures various modifications of sand traps: two functional - a sand separator and a gas oil separator in a single body, wells with a sand separator function (vertical sand separators) and others.

To enable the sand box to work under other operating conditions, with aggressive drains and elevated temperatures, HELYX specialists can manufacture sand boxes from chemically resistant polymers in accordance with individual operating conditions.

50 years

Service life of a fiberglass product


Possibility of installation in surface and underground versions


Possibility of manufacturing tanks for horizontal and vertical orientation


Product benefits

HELYX has been manufacturing equipment for over 15 years on its own production lines. We offer to buy a sand trap at the best price without intermediaries.

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