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from 217 250 rub.
from 217 250 rub.

General description


The sorption filter is an additional block of local treatment facilities for surface runoff of residential areas (residential, administrative, infrastructure facilities). It is a separate component of post-treatment schemes for pre-treated rain, melt and irrigation water from urban buildings and highways.

Application area

The sorption unit is designed for deep purification of wastewater from oil products, suspended solids, heavy metals, reducing the level of BOD and COD to concentrations allowed for discharge into water bodies or drainage systems.

The sorption filter is used at local and centralized treatment facilities for surface runoff at the final stages of treatment before disinfection. It is also recommended to use a sorption unit for retrofitting existing treatment facilities of various schemes and types of wastewater to increase the efficiency of treatment.

Short description

Waste water that has been pre-cleaned fr om sand, suspensions and oil products by gravity flows into the sorption filter module. Water enters for filtration and sorption through a distribution system, which also consists of perforated pipes.

The water to be purified first passes through a layer of mineral sorbent, which has an extensive hydrophobic surface, developed macro- and micro-porous structure, designed specifically for the extraction of oil products. Sorbent is a new generation of mineral sorbents based on natural aluminosilicates. The material is non-combustible, fire and explosion proof, and is a light yellow granules of irregular shape.

Has a high sorption capacity for petroleum products: up to 3 g. n.p. for 1 year. sorbent and long service life: up to 2-3 years. Thanks to the oil-decomposing bacteria introduced into the structure of the sorbent, self-regeneration processes occur, increasing the service life of the sorbent. Then the water passes through a layer of activated carbon, wh ere residual concentrations of oil products are removed to a level of 0.05 mg / l, organic substances, biogenic elements and heavy metals are retained.

The bottom layer of the filter is a natural carbonaceous material shungite. Shungite crushed stone serves as a supporting layer for lighter types of loading. In addition, it possesses sorption ion-exchange properties and generally improves the efficiency of activated carbon. The wastewater treated in this way is collected using perforated pipes and then fed with an external outlet to the disinfection unit or to the drainage network, depending on the project conditions.

4 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually


Product benefits

Modern materials and technologies. Fiberglass products have a long service life - up to 50 years. And due to the significantly lower weight compared to traditional materials (steel, concrete), construction, assembly and transport costs are significantly reduced. HELYX composite products can be used in an aggressive environment and in areas with a seismic hazard of up to 9 points.

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