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Features and prices

Technical characteristics of Helyx UV
Technical characteristics of Helyx UV
Product name
Power consumption
Du branch pipe
Overall dimensions
UV sensor / Flushing Unit
Prices with VAT
Helyx DFW-2С
61 700
Helyx DFW-3С
79 900
Helyx DFW-6С
159 900
Helyx DFW-12С
239 800
Helyx DFW-30С
392 500
Helyx DFW-40С
499 800
Helyx DFW-60С
699 600
Helyx DFW-100СА (amalgam)
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General description


The UV disinfection unit is designed for disinfection of drinking and industrial water by exposing it to ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, which has the greatest bactericidal effect. This method does not lead to a change in the chemical composition of water, allows you to abandon the use of reagents for disinfection (for example, chlorine) or significantly reduce their concentrations.

Application area
  • in autonomous water supply systems;
  • disinfection of water in swimming pools and water parks, industrial enterprises, medical and educational institutions;
  • wastewater treatment with ultraviolet light in municipal municipal services.
Short description

The installation consists of two units – an irradiation unit (irradiator), in which water treatment takes place, and a power supply and control unit. In installations, the blocks are fixed on a supporting frame, which is installed on the floor or a solid base. The units can be mounted on a wall or on a base.

The installation is designed for continuous operation. Frequent switching on and off of the power supply of the installation is not recommended, as this may lead to a reduction in the service life of UV lamps.

Requirements for the quality of the source water
    The composition of the source water is very important for optimal operation of the installation. The following requirements are recommended:
  • total iron content - less than 0.3 ppm (0.3 mg/l);
  • hydrogen sulfide content - less than 0.05 ppm (0.05 mg/l);
  • manganese content - less than 0.05 ppm (0.05 mg/l);
  • the content of suspended solids is less than 10 ppm (10 mg/l);
  • the number of bacteria of the E. coli group - no more than 10000 in 1 liter;
  • stiffness - less than 7 mg-eq./ l (if the stiffness is less than 7 mg-eq./ l, the effective operation of the installation is possible with periodic cleaning of the quartz protective tube. If the hardness exceeds 7 mg-eq./ l, then softening of the source water is necessary).

If the impurity content in the water exceeds the specified levels, its preliminary purification is required. In any case, it is recommended to mount a filter of mechanical impurities with a filtration fineness of no more than 5 microns before installation.

Equipment configuration

Each installation consists of two units – an ultraviolet irradiation unit (irradiator) and a power supply and control unit.

The irradiator is a cylindrical container made of stainless steel, along the axis of which there are five quartz tubes. Inside each quartz tube there is an ultraviolet lamp. Connectors of power wires are connected to the electrodes of the lamps at both ends of the irradiator. The power wires that fit to each end of the irradiator are combined into cables that have connectors at opposite ends for connection to the power supply and control unit.

    Quartz tubes and lamps are fixed on the body of the irradiator in two ways:
  • screws using metal flanges, respectively, and rubber O-rings;
  • fixation is performed by means of a clamping nut.

The power supply and control unit is a metal rectangular box, on the front surface of which there is an LED indicating the presence of mains voltage "NETWORK" and numbered emergency LEDs "ACCIDENT" according to the number of UV lamps in the installation.

The glow of each of the "ACCIDENT" LEDs signals the absence of a UV lamp current with the corresponding number. On the lower surface of the unit there are two connectors for connecting the power cables of the irradiator, a fuse and the input of the network cable. There is a power switch on the side or front surface of the unit.

5 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

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