General description


This method makes it possible to process existing sludge maps, and can also be introduced into the technological process of processing and dewatering sludge for sorption of harmful substances, binding of heavy metals into insoluble complexes, as well as disinfection of pathogenic microorganisms.

After processing, WWS can be used as a soil for use in landscaping and agriculture, as a fertilizer for bioenergy crops after certification and registration.

Application area

  • sewage treatment plants of various capacities;
  • city aeration stations.

Short description

The technological process is based on the processing of sludge (detoxification, disinfection, disinfestation) of the sludge. The copper complex exhibits bactericidal properties, suppresses pathogenic microflora and helminth eggs by binding to cell membrane proteins. Organisms of suppressed microflora stick together into drusen and shrink.

Helminth eggs change their shape or "drain", the vital activity of microorganisms and helminth eggs does not resume. The specific fecal and putrefactive odor is reduced by reducing the intensity of fermentation processes in the sediment. Under the action of the reagent, heavy metal ions are bound into non-toxic complex compounds, among which compounds of copper, zinc, chromium and nickel activate the reconstruction of the normal biocenosis in the product.

The content of a flocculant in the composition of the reagent makes it possible to compact the mass of the sediment, reduce the moisture content, which increases the capacity of using sludge cards up to 2 times. It is a low-hazard product in terms of its impact on the body (hazard class 4 according to GOST 12.1.007-76).


Product benefits

  • getting rid of waste in the form of SALT in reporting and accounting documents;
  • elimination of costs for removal and disposal of sediment;
  • obtaining a marketable product from waste.
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