General description


The operation of the droplet eliminators takes place under the influence of aggressive chemical environment and high temperatures. For example, natural gas contains up to 25% sulfur-containing impurities and non-combustible inert gases. This makes it impossible to install separating structures made of metal, steel or plastic.

Application area

    The equipment can be used in any branch of industry where it is required to improve the quality of gas purification (drying), for example, in oil refineries or gas production plants, in chemical industries.
  • improving the performance of the gas cleaning system;
  • reducing the cost of chemicals;
  • prevention of air pollution.

Short description

We use fiberglass for the manufacture of droplet eliminators and driers. It is distinguished by its high strength and inertness to aggressive media, and is absolutely resistant to corrosion. The use of structures made of fiberglass allows you to reduce the cost of installation and service work. This is due to the low weight and durability of such a material. Our droplet eliminators and driers have a lifespan of over 20 years.

Gas dryers operate on the absorption principle. Moisture is removed from the gas mixture when it comes into contact with the granular sorbent. By absorbing excess moisture, it dissolves further, forming a saline solution that flows down to the bottom of the desiccant, where it is subsequently removed.

The principle of operation of the flue is that it provides natural or forced draft, because without the access of oxygen, the combustion process cannot take place. In this case, it is through the gas duct that the combustion products are emitted into the atmosphere.


Product benefits

    Advantages of fiberglass structures:
  • increasing the efficiency of gas exhaust and gas transmission systems;
  • in some cases, you can do without arranging a separate foundation for a fiberglass gas duct;
  • minimum level of condensate on the inner walls of the pipes;
  • quick installation compared to metal or brick structures.
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