General description


They are used for humidified cleaning of gases from various impurities, including dust, acid, alkali, etc. Our company specializes in the production of fiberglass scrubbers, which are highly durable and resistant to wear.

Application area

  • food industry;
  • light industry;
  • metallurgical plants;
  • oil refineries;
  • cement and chemical plants;
  • recycling enterprises.

Short description

A scrubber is an industrial unit used for wet cleaning of waste polluted gas-air environment from various impurities, trapping harmful substances in industrial gas emissions, producing industrial cleaning of gases to utilize their emissions (as well as returning a harmless product separated from gas to production), as well as for sanitary purification of gas emissions from the residual content of harmful substances in them, thereby ensuring high air quality.

The choice of the design of Helyx equipment for gas cleaning and the technology of the applied cleaning is carried out depending on the nature of the production process, the composition of the exhaust gases, the required degree of purification, etc.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the device consists in the absorption of the supplied medium by the liquid, further purification. The media are subject to turbulent mixing, after which they pass through the swirlers into the injection chamber. A certain volume of dynamic foam is formed in the chamber, in which there is an intensive exchange of masses between phases.

The gaseous compounds turn into liquid, the purified gaseous medium is sent to the atmosphere, and the liquid, together with the sludge, enters a special container. The reservoir contains a reserve supply of flushing fluid, which can replenish the supply and restart the entire cycle.


Product benefits

  • high quality cleaning of the environment from unnecessary, harmful impurities up to 99%;
  • high quality materials used in the manufacture of the product;
  • maximum fire and explosion safety: the presence of a liquid medium minimizes the possibility of detonation or ignition in the scrubber;
  • no secondary sources of dust and pollution: once packed in a bin, the waste is easily transported without any leaks;
  • versatility: the ability to work with both gaseous chemical and mechanical pollutants of various fractions.
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