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General description


HELYX produces self-washing sand filters HELYX SPF are designed for the following applications: post-treatment of urban and industrial wastewater; treatment of industrial, cooling and circulating water; treatment of surface wastewater and algae; elimination of turbidity and reduction of nutrient content; recovery of products and substances suitable for recycling.

Application area

As a rule, Helix SPF self-washing sand filters are used as the last stage of the wastewater treatment process, its main function in this is to eliminate water turbidity. Iron and manganese can be converted to the solid phase in the previous stages of the purification process and removed during the filtration process.

Compromises sand filter is also used as a reactor for reducing nutrients: phosphorus is removed by settling in as a combination with the stage of physical and chemical treatment (settling, flocculation) of dissolved phosphate compounds, such as orthophosphate, is converted into insoluble phosphates, which are held sand filter with filtered vzveshennye substances and then removed with the wash water.

Reduction of nitrogen concentration by denitrification: due to subsequent biological denitrification in the sand filter, the nitrates contained in the water are converted to nitrogen gas due to the growth of biomass on the surface of the sand particles. Numerous studies have proven that the self-washing sand filter HELIX SPF significantly reduces the number of pathogenic microorganisms. If there are sanitary requirements, it is possible to install a disinfection system due to the low concentration of suspended substances in the filtrate.

Short description

The HELYX SPF self-washing sand filter is a pressure type filter with continuous internal cleaning of the housing and meets even the highest requirements for the quality of wastewater. The system is highly efficient, as the sand washing process does not require a cycle stop.

The HELYX SPF self-washing sand filter can be constructed in a steel or concrete tank. Its modular design guarantees optimal cleaning at any throughput. The flow is fed through several radial distributors at the base of the sand filter. The incoming stream flows upward through the sand layer, and the substances contained in the water are trapped in it.

The purified filtrate is discharged through the overflow partition at the top of the filter. The sand layer containing the trapped particles is discharged from top to bottom through an opening in the air duct, which is located in the center of the lower part of the filter. The airlift transfers this mass to the sand washer located on top. Inside the washing machine, the solid particles are separated from the filter sand by a small stream of filtrate. The cleaned sand falls down, forming a filter load, thanks to which the internal circulation of the sand is carried out.

4 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually


Product benefits

  • A versatile and low-cost system for efficient water and wastewater treatment.
  • Modular design for easy adjustment to any flow rate.
  • The continuous filtration process reduces operational and investment costs.
  • Optional continuous or periodic cleaning of the sand without shutting down the equipment.
  • No flushing water tanks, flushing pumps, or complex backwash systems are required.
  • Optimum efficiency thanks to the use of filtrate as the washing water.
  • Water supply by gravity without the use of pumps.
  • There are no moving parts and only one wear-resistant part for easy maintenance.
  • High operational reliability due to the high quality of the filtrate.
  • Available in a stainless steel tank, fiberglass tank or (optional) in a concrete tank.
  • A versatile system, a robust design that has proven its reliability for many years.
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