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Features and prices

Station for the preparation of reagents HELYX SPR
Station for the preparation of reagents HELYX SPR
Product name
Frame - carbon steel, container - PE Complete with agitator, pump, piping, control cabinet
162 376 ₽
205 676 ₽
303 102 ₽

General description


The station for the preparation of reagents HELYX SPR is used for the preparation and dispensing of various solutions: organic polymers, coagulant (aqua-aurate, aluminum sulfate, aluminum polyoxychloride, etc.), flocculant (praestol, zetag, etc.), acid solutions, alkali solutions, sodium hypochlorite , lime milk and many others.

Application area

The most common method for introducing reagents into the medium to be treated is to supply them in the form of solutions or suspensions. The solution is prepared using a stirring device. The resulting solution is dosed using a dosing pump.

Short description

The solution-consumable container is filled with water through the water supply system and the calculated amount of the commercial reagent is loaded into it through the loading hatch. To prevent contamination of ready-made solutions, the loading hatches are equipped with sealed covers. The reagent is mixed with water using electric stirrers.

Depending on the type of reagent used, high-speed and slow-speed mixers can be installed. After complete dissolution of the reagent, the stirrer is turned off. The ready-made reagent solution is supplied by a dosing pump. The dosing process is controlled in manual and / or automatic mode locally and / or remotely.

On the suction line, mesh filters are installed to prevent clogging of valves and pumps with residues of undissolved reagent and accidental inclusions (residues of sackcloth, thread, etc.). After emptying the mortar-supply container, it is necessary to prepare the next portion of the solution. Frame - carbon steel, container - PE Complete with stirrer, pump, piping, control cabinet.

5 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually

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