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General description


The complex is designed to provide high-quality drinking water to settlements in the absence of centralized water supply, areas with low population density, settlements located in hard-to-reach and remote places.

Application area

The complex is installed in close proximity to the consumer and serves as a local source of drinking water supply. Can be used to obtain process water in oil and gas fields.

Short description

The complex is one or more block modules that house water treatment equipment. The number of block modules is determined by the total capacity of the complex for treated water.

Depending on the planned location of the complex and the individual requirements of the Customer, the block-module can be made in various climatic versions - for temperate latitudes, for regions of the Far North. Execution in corporate style of the Customer is possible.

Internal finishing of the block-module is coordinated with the Customer. The block-module is equipped with lighting and ventilation, electric heating elements are installed to maintain comfortable conditions.

Part of the equipment

In general, a typical system consists of the following main blocks:

  • pumping units;
  • equipment for clarification, softening;
  • membrane filter units;
  • disinfection and conditioning systems;
  • equipment for automation and remote control;
  • heating, lighting, ventilation, fire extinguishing systems, etc.

Modular complexes consist of a purification unit, an accumulation unit and drinking water distribution stations. The composition of the purification unit equipment is determined by the quality of the source water. Water from artesian wells, surface reservoirs, including sea water, can be used as source water.

The purification unit is manufactured on the basis of Almus membrane units and/or other equipment manufactured by HELYX. The unit may include iron removal and demanganization filters, carbon filters, softening filters and other technological equipment.

The block of accumulation and distribution of drinking water is a system of containers. The tanks are made of food-grade polyethylene, connected by pipelines and equipped with air filters.

The number of storage tanks and their volume is determined by the performance of the complex. The built-in pressure sensor allows you to control the water level and control the automatic operation of the cleaning unit.

The distribution of drinking water is carried out with the help of distribution pumping stations. The station consists of a centrifugal pump, a piping system and shut-off valves made of high quality food PVC, has the necessary monitoring and control devices.

For convenience, the station is equipped with dispensing pistols. The number of distribution points is determined by the Customer. It is provided for pouring water into automobile tanks, as well as into separate consumer containers. Currently, local water supply complexes operate in more than 50 settlements.

  • Modular water treatment systems operate in automatic mode. To control and control the parameters of technical processes, additional equipment with a main control panel is used.
  • Minimum maintenance. The system operation is controlled by one specialist, whose duties include visual control of the system operating parameters (pressure, productivity) and replenishment of the stock of chemicals if necessary.
5 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually


Product benefits

Блочно-модульная очистка воды представляет собой безальтернативное решение при реконструкции и строительстве коммунальных объектов, вахтовых поселков, временных баз и сезонных производств. Модульные системы обладают целым рядом важных преимуществ:

  • возможность фильтрации воды из ближайшего источника;
  • комплекс очистки воды может быть изготовлен для использования в экстремальных условиях;
  • возможность транспортировки на другие объекты;
  • для качественного контроля и управления системой не требуется сложной подготовки.

HELYX выполняет разработку, производство и сервисное обслуживание мобильных систем водоподготовки. На счету компании более 50 реализованных проектов в России и странах ближнего зарубежья.

В рамках национальной программы «Чистая вода» в Казахстане произведено и введено в эксплуатацию более 30 установок для водоснабжения удаленных населенных пунктов.

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