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Pump control cabinets

Control cabinets for HELYX sewage pumping stations are an integral part of the wastewater treatment system and ensure the reliable operation of pumping equipment. They are specialized containers that contain controls, security systems and multifunctional control panels. Our control cabinets are made using advanced technologies and ensure the efficient operation of pumping stations, increased productivity and the smooth functioning of sewer systems.

Application areas

Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of control cabinets, which are designed to automate the operation of the wastewater pumping and transportation system. The cabinets perform the functions of pump control, process control, operation safety, as well as information collection and data transmission to the operator.

The products are widely used in various fields, including utilities, industry, construction, residential and commercial sectors. Control cabinets are used in sewerage systems of urban and rural settlements, industrial enterprises, shopping centers, medical institutions and other facilities.

Functionality of Control Cabinets

Control cabinets for sewage pumping stations are complex engineering systems equipped with the necessary control and management elements. They include automatic and manual switches, sensors and transmitters for monitoring parameters, interfaces for interacting with the operator, safety and security systems, as well as data collection and analysis systems. Cabinets provide automatic control over the operation of pumping stations, optimize the processes of pumping and disposal of wastewater, and also allow you to quickly respond to possible failures and emergencies.


  • Reliability and durability: our products are made of high quality materials and components, which guarantees a long service life and reliable performance in extreme conditions.
  • Improved Efficiency: With the use of modern technology, the wastewater treatment system has a high efficiency, which reduces the cost of operation and maintenance.
  • Automation and remote control: cabinets are equipped with modern automation and monitoring systems, which allows operators to have full control over the operation of pumping stations, as well as monitor and analyze data remotely.
  • Flexibility and customization: we offer a wide range of products that can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer. We are also able to develop an individual project to order, fully meeting the individual requirements and site specifications.

Reliable and Efficient Solution

Control cabinets for sewage pumping stations offered by HELYX are a reliable and efficient solution for automating the processes of transporting and disposing of wastewater. All of our products meet high quality and safety standards, as well as guarantee reliable performance and economical use of resources.

Contact Us

To purchase HELYX control cabinets, please contact our managers. They will help you choose the best solution, taking into account the requirements and specifics of your project.

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