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General description

    Automation of pump control cabinets (PSC) is an integral element of any autonomous water supply system. The main purposes of its application are considered to be:
  • energy saving;
  • ensuring the efficient operation of pumps and the system as a whole;
  • reduction of personnel costs, equipment maintenance;
  • optimal layout and modern solutions;
  • many terminal control functions;
  • convenient setting;
  • flexible configuration of the communication interface;
  • optimization of the operating mode;
  • stability of the systems.

Providing control of the water supply system, the SHUN automatically makes decisions on optimizing the operation of the equipment, turning on and off its individual elements, and transmitting information to the control room. Taking on the full range of functions for controlling the operation of electric pumps (submersible, borehole), as well as protecting the electric motors of hydraulic machines, the SHUN regulate the water level in the storage tanks. The voltage to power the electric pumps is supplied when a control signal is received from an external controller or according to signals from sensors that monitor the water level. The latter are usually:

  • analog level sensors from 4 to 20 mA;
  • pressure switch, level, flow;
  • float switches;
  • electrodes.
Main functions
    The main functions of the pump control cabinet are the coordination of the well-coordinated interaction of all elements of the system, aimed at maintaining a given water level. In practice, this is expressed in the following automatic actions:
  • redundancy of pumps in case of emergency stop of the worker;
  • connection of an additional pump in case of insufficient performance of the main one;
  • starting the station after elimination of the emergency in the supply network;
  • automatic switching of the backup power supply if it disappears at the main input;
  • reduction of peak loads in the system;
  • smooth controlled start and stop of electric motors;
  • even distribution of loads between the pumps, in order to save the motor resource of each;
  • receiving signals about the failure of the station as a whole.
    At the same time, the SHUN equipment performs a number of functions aimed at protecting the pump and its electric motor. This will shut off the pump motor:
  • when working in the absence of water (protection against dry running);
  • silting up during long periods of inactivity.
    The motor protection is triggered when:
  • short circuit in windings (turn-to-turn and phase-to-phase);
  • breakage of windings and "disappearance" of phases;
  • current overloads (peak loads).
    Automation controls the temperature and humidity of the pump electric motor, and also protects it from frequent switching on. In addition, SHUN provides the ability to:
  • control the pump performance by means of manual adjustments;
  • block one of the pumps for routine maintenance or repair;
  • forcibly start the pumps manually in test mode.
Complete set and construction

Structurally, the pump control cabinet is made in a rectangular metal or plastic (with a double door) housing in climatic versions UHL4 and UHL1, protection class IP54 and IP55. On the front side (door), the indication and some control elements, for example, the "Start" and "Stop" buttons, can be displayed.

    The basic equipment of the SHUN includes:
  • main switch;
  • operating mode switch (manual, automatic, everything is off);
  • complex protection electronic circuits;
  • automatic motor protection devices;
  • alarm contacts;
  • elements for pump control in automatic mode;
  • buttons or from the touch panel for manual pump control;
  • mode indication lamps (working, emergency).
    This completeness ensures the normal functioning of the water supply system, however, at the request of the customer, its capabilities can be significantly expanded with additional nodes:
  • data transmission interfaces (LON, Industrial Ethernet, Profibus-DP and others, including GSM / SMS with antenna);
  • double power input with automatic reserve input;
  • pump dry-running protection relay;
  • additional water level sensor;
  • soft start of each motor (using a soft starter or frequency converter);
  • measuring instruments (voltmeters, ammeters);
  • protection against impulse voltage surges;
  • lightning protection;
  • operating time and number of inclusions counters;
  • uninterruptible power supply to the controller and the alarm circuit in case of power outage;
  • siren and flashing beacon, signaling system malfunctions.
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