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General description


In various systems (water supply, heating mains, gas and oil pipelines), flow control is in the area of responsibility of shut-off valves - all kinds of gate valves with electric drives, the control of which is entrusted to automation. Round-the-clock uninterrupted operation in specified algorithms is ensured by special equipment of gate valve control cabinets (SHUZ). Particularly important responsibilities are assigned to automation designed to work in fire extinguishing systems.

    The gate valve control cabinet is a multifunctional device. Depending on the completeness, it can have a wide range of features. In the minimum configuration, its functions are limited:
  • control over supply voltage;
  • checking the health of electrical circuits, including between the valve and the cabinet;
  • the ability to control the gate valve electric drive in automatic or manual mode;
  • preparation and transmission to the dispatching console of reports on the technical condition of the controlled object (SHUZ fixes the position of the valve, registers emergency situations and jamming).

Light and color indication allows you to control the system modes, as well as the position of the valves ("Closed", "Open" and "Jammed"). The built-in battery is responsible for the smooth operation of the controller. In the extended completeness, the SHUZ can include a backup power system with an additional power supply and an ATS unit.

Automation of a SHUZ operating in fire extinguishing systems when an alarm is received from the system opens the valve automatically. However, it can only be closed manually in accordance with fire safety requirements.

Complete set and construction

Structurally, the SHUZ is a metal cabinet made with a degree of protection IP54 and dimensions that depend on the units located inside and the space reserved for possible extensions. The equipment inside the SHUZ is placed using blockless or block technology. Block placement is more convenient from the point of view of maintainability, and blockless placement is beneficial because of its compactness and lower price. Power supply and valve control cables are led from below, through special glands.

Depending on the climatic version, there may be temperature control and autonomous heating equipment inside the cabinet, which excludes the possibility of condensation. Automation of cabinets is represented by modular blocks for special purposes, serially manufactured by various manufacturers.

    Typical "stuffing" of gate valve control cabinets can be the following components:
  • the input device contains switching and protective elements;
  • ATS equipment provides emergency switching on of backup power;
  • the instrumentation block shows the current readings of voltage and current;
  • electricity metering unit - electric meter;
  • the autonomous control and monitoring module is designed for the operational control of the SHUZ;
  • control and management switching unit provides remote control through standard communication channels: RS-485, Ethernet, GSM;
  • gate valves control;
  • adjustment units that expand the functionality of automation.
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