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General description


Fiberglass pressure pipes are used in manufacturing and industrial enterprises operating in various industries: housing and communal services, petrochemistry and oil production, energy, metallurgy, chemical, pulp and paper, mining, food and agricultural enterprises.

Application area
  • pressure pipes made of fiberglass serve in cold water supply and drainage systems for up to 100 years. This is 3-4 times more compared to a steel pipeline. In sewage systems, products with a diameter of up to 3000 mm can be used. Fiberglass is resistant to chemicals, oxidation and stray currents. The throughput of such pipes is higher than that of steel pipes. In addition, they do not "overgrow" during operation, that is, they do not decrease in inner diameter;
  • fiberglass pressure pipes can be used in artesian wells as a water-lifting or casing pipeline. They are also suitable for drainage, since for fiberglass, wastewater fr om domestic sewage is a neutral medium;
  • fiberglass pipes help to significantly reduce the financial costs of servicing and repairing the water supply system. They last much longer as they are not subject to corrosion. They can be used when replacing old pipelines made of steel or cast iron, in conditions wh ere it is desirable to do without opening roads, highways, motorways, city streets. This is a significant saving in time and money;
  • pressure pipes made of fiberglass also benefit when compared with polyethylene. So when the pressure in the system is above 12 atm. the efficiency of using fiberglass pressure pipes increases almost 2.5 times. This is the optimal solution for trunk and distribution pipelines.
Short description

Fiberglass pressure pipes are highly resistant to hydrogen sulfide and acids. They can be used without restriction at explosive and fire hazardous facilities, therefore they are optimal for enterprises working in the oil refining or chemical industry.

Fiberglass pipes have proven themselves as process pipelines in the energy sector. They extend the life of the pipeline, which reduces the costs of the end user by 20-30 times.

The Helyx Fiberglass Pipe Plant manufactures non-pressure pipes with a diameter of 500 to 4000 mm. An obvious advantage is the presence of socket joints in them, which not only simplify and speed up installation, but also add additional rigidity to the entire structure. The used rubber seal with a dovetail profile is a direct and reliable guarantee of the tightness of the system and minimal maintenance during operation.

4 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually


Product benefits

  • not afraid of corrosion and chemically active reagents;
  • service life is 4-5 times longer;
  • there is no sedimentation on the walls, the pipes do not "overgrow";
  • 8-10 times lighter than steel, reducing installation costs;
  • ease of installation, no large construction equipment, waterproofing and welding is required.


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