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General description


HELYX manufactures pipes and fittings from composite materials that provide high tightness, strength and durability in various pipeline systems from ventilation to oil gathering.

Application area

Branch pipes (socket, flanged, as well as sleeves with a plain end or socket). They are used for the device of branches from the main pipeline, as well as for the installation of shut-off and control valves.

Tees (socket-flanged, socket, flanged, unequal, flow dividers). The main use of tees is to split or merge a flow of material transported by a pipeline.

Transitions (symmetrical with stepped connections, asymmetric). Indispensable when connecting pipes of different diameters.

Dispensers of the "flute" type. They belong to non-standard products and are used to install several pipeline branches at once.

Asymmetric crosses (flanged and socket). In their application, they are identical to the "flute" type distributors with the only difference that they are used to form two branches in opposite directions.

Plugs (conventional and with a flange tube). They are used for closing end holes in pipelines.

Short description

To ensure the best tightness of the joints of free-flow pipes and fittings, a sealing collar is glued to the inner surface of the sockets of the connecting parts. The special design of the cuffs provides the products with a high level of tightness and guarantees reliable connections.

Unlike other companies, the HELYX plant produces connecting elements for pressure pipes by spiral-ring winding on specially made mandrels.

Roving (a rope based on fiberglass) is wound on a special form, pre-soaked in resin with a hardener. Winding is done in several layers. Its angle can reach 85 degrees to the axis of rotation and depends on the required strength of the part being produced in different directions.

4 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually


Product benefits

  • the strength of the parts is comparable to similar metal products. Moreover, the weight does not exceed 20-25% of the weight of such steel elements;
  • fittings easily cope with aggressive environments. They are not afraid of substances with a high content of chlorine and sulfates;
  • HELYX products can be used in regions with harsh climatic conditions. Laboratory tests show that parts made of composite materials retain their characteristics at ambient temperatures from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C. In this case, it is important to prevent freezing of the working environment, since in this case damage to the pipes cannot be avoided;
  • working fluid temperature can reach + 150 ° С;
  • due to the special properties of fiberglass-based composite materials, parts for HELYX pipelines are not susceptible to biological influences (mold, fungus);
  • practice shows that fiberglass pipes pass the working environment by 25% better in comparison with similar steel pipes;
  • Due to the low weight of pipes and fittings made of fiberglass, engineering systems do not create a large load on the ground or on the supporting structures. Due to the low mass of composite materials, the cost of their transportation is considered economically viable;
  • installation of pipelines using HELYX fittings does not take much time, which makes it possible to complete the object in the shortest possible time. Experienced technicians are able to install 1,250 m of pipes in one working week.

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