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General description


A tank container is a container for transporting or temporary storage of liquids, mounted on a vehicle chassis. The transportation of aggressive media significantly limits the list of materials from which tanks of road tankers can be made, so their search has never lost its relevance.

Application area
    Given the high chemical resistance of fiberglass tankers, they are widely used in the transportation of:
  • highly aggressive liquids (acids of various concentrations, alkalis, salt solutions);
  • process fluids.
Short description

Helyx manufactures fiberglass tank containers. Their use in the transportation of corrosive liquids is the most rational solution for transport logistics. A tank container is a container (cistern) placed in a metal construct - a frame with the dimensions of a standard ISO container. With the active use of composite materials, the popularity of fiberglass containers is increasing; lightweight, strong and durable, they are gradually replacing their stainless steel predecessors.

Production technology

The production of Helyx chemistry composite tanks for tank containers is carried out on a winding line by means of continuous winding of fiberglass with the addition of binder resins and quartz sand. To increase the strength characteristics, the container material is reinforced with glass threads.

The tank of a tank container, equipped with the necessary technological openings, hatches, valves with reliable shut-off valves, is placed inside a metal frame with the dimensions of a standard ISO container. Frames must have lower and upper corner fittings, from additional structures they can be equipped with service platforms and ladders.

4 factories

in Russia, with an area of 15,000 m2

16 years

in the market of water treatment and wastewater disposal

4 000+

products are released annually


Product benefits

  • standard sizes allow the use of specialized transport - container ships and handling equipment (reachstackers);
  • unified fasteners simplify fastening problems, reducing the total time of loading and unloading operations and forced downtime of the transport;
  • there is no need for expensive overloads (overflows) when changing the mode of transport, the container is easier to rearrange, for example, from an automobile container ship to a railway platform;
  • containers made of composite materials based on fiberglass are in no way inferior in strength to steel ones, while metal tanks with the same physical characteristics are much heavier;
  • high resistance to chemical attack of aggressive media, they are suitable for transporting most acids (even in high concentrations), saline solutions, alkalis and various types of fuel;
  • anti-corrosion resistance - the material is a dielectric and electrochemical processes, unlike metals, are not terrible for it;
  • resistance to vibration, which makes it possible to transport fiberglass tank containers by any type of transport;
  • high impact resistance and durability of products;
  • the ability to operate in any climatic conditions with a minimum range of operating temperatures from -40⁰ to + 40⁰C (in the case of using epoxy vinyl ester resins in the manufacture - the operating temperature range expands). In addition, fiberglass is not subject to solar radiation and is not afraid of biological deposits;
  • the durability of fiberglass containers exceeds 50 years.
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