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Design HELYX Construction

Complex technically correct solutions for the implementation of an economically viable option for the construction of an object.

About designing in HELYX

Professional design will allow you to save material, technical, human and other resources in the production of construction and installation work, and also guarantees the reliability, durability and efficiency of the entire system related to water supply and water disposal.

In the design process, the individual characteristics of the facility are necessarily taken into account, including the characteristics of the source of water supply and sewerage, specific climatic conditions, terrain, the proximity of natural reservoirs, transport and logistics routes and much more.


The result of the design work

The end result of the design work is the preparation of a package of documents, including:

  • Conducting a survey of the state of the object and performing the necessary engineering surveys;
  • Feasibility study of the design object, consisting of a text part with calculations and the choice of the most economically and energetically beneficial technological scheme for designing a new object or reconstruction of an existing one and a graphic part; part with a technological scheme, automation scheme, placement of technological equipment;
  • An estimate with the amount of expenses for the construction of the facility, equipment, production of work, etc.;
  • The developed project is composed of sections in accordance with the RF Resolution 87 dated February 16, 2008 "On the composition of sections of design documentation";
  • Positive conclusion of the examination of engineering surveys and design documentation;
  • Positive opinions of environmental supervisory authorities (Rospotrebnadzor, Rosprirodnadzor, Rosrybolovstvo, MOBVU, etc.) and approval of projects of SPZ, ZSO, VAT, without which it is impossible to obtain a positive conclusion of the examination of project documentation;
  • Development and approval of the entire range of environmental documentation for an object of any complexity: PMOOS, SPZ, ZZO, VAT, PNOOLR, MPE, obtaining a decision for the use of a water body and permits of Rosprirodnadzor for discharge, emissions of airborne substances, waste disposal, etc.

«Turn key»

A full range of survey and design works


Garanty получения положительного заключения экспертизы


Obtaining all the necessary approvals for the operation of treatment facilities, placement in water protection zones, wastewater discharge and reduction of sanitary protection zones and sanitary protection zones of the facility


How we work

Initial inspection

Departure of specialists to the object and examination of the design object to be reconstructed, collection of initial data.

Engineering survey

Engineering-geodetic, geological, ecological, hydrometeorological and etc.

Feasibility study of the object

Study of a feasibility study, development and approval of a technological cleaning scheme.

Equipment on the plan

Planting equipment on the plan, issuing assignments to developers of related sections of project documentation.

Project documentation

Development of project documentation to the extent necessary for the examination of project documentation, including the necessary environmental permits.

Planning and surveying

Development of planning and land surveying projects for linear objects, holding public hearings.

Expert conclusion

Obtaining a positive conclusion of the examination of engineering surveys and design documentation.

Working documentation

Development of working documentation, PPR and transfer of documentation to work.

Author's supervision

At the site for compliance with the requirements of design documentation during the construction process.


The implementation on the objects

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For designers

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