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Helyx Group of Companies carries out comprehensive design work on the heat supply system for industrial and industrial premises to determine development paths in order to optimize the costs associated with providing the enterprise with heat supply.

General description

Frequent problems

Low energy efficiency of the heat supply source:
  • Low-efficiency boiler equipment;
  • Absence of an automated system for monitoring and managing thermal conditions (Dispatching).
Low energy efficiency of coolant transportation from the source of heat supply to the consumer:
  • Hydraulic imbalance of heat supply pipeline networks;
  • Pipelines accident rate;
  • Lack of thermal insulation on steam pipeline networks and thermal water networks.
Low energy efficiency of the consumer:
  • The state of the thermal circuit of the workshops does not meet the requirements of SNiP 23-01-99 and SNiP 23-02-2003;
  • There is no possibility to regulate heat consumption taking into account weather conditions, thermal insulation characteristics of buildings.

Our solutions

We increase energy security and efficiency in the use of energy resources. We reduce energy consumption. We reduce financial costs for heat and electricity.

Increasing the energy efficiency of heat generation and transportation is one of the priority reduction factors. Achievement of these goals is ensured through the implementation of energy saving measures, through the use of advanced technologies and the development of productive financial and economic levers for managing the production, consumption and transportation of energy resources.

Where applicable

Industrial recuperators for boilers and industrial furnaces, supply and exhaust recuperators, supply ventilation filtering units, shell-and-tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, automated individual heat substation, scrubbers.

Solution benefits

Saving thermal energy (subject to the implementation of SanPiN):
  • Reducing the cost of energy resources.
Increasing the level of comfort:
  • Reducing the risk of employee illness and creating comfortable indoor conditions lead to increased productivity.
Increasing the security of the enterprise:
  • Technical re-equipment of equipment in order to eliminate emergency situations and reduce energy consumption in production;
  • Reducing the dependence of the energy supply of the enterprise on external factors.
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