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Oil and gas industry

We reduce costs and increase production through efficient process water treatment.

General description

Frequent problems

Water quality is critical to enhance oil recovery and minimize the environmental impact of hydrocarbon production. Removing solids and adjusting salinity from industrial water produced by this process is a major challenge for oil and gas companies seeking to protect their wells, reduce costs, protect downstream equipment, and reduce safety and environmental concerns.

Our Solutions

While refined hydrocarbons are the product of the refinery, the lifeblood of the refinery is the circulation of water to produce steam to heat the distillation columns and to cool and condense the overhead vapor.

Fr om removing trace impurities from industrial water to facilitating the treatment of waste and process streams, our solutions focus on:
  • feed water of industrial boilers;
  • industrial waste water;
  • selective removal of contaminants.
Water is the largest by-product of oil and gas production and needs to be treated for reuse and disposal of industrial waters. To increase productivity, water is pumped into the well with special quality requirements for secondary and tertiary recovery. For discharge, the organic load is usually the lim it of wastewater discharge permits.

We offer the best options for industrial water treatment, from injected to produced water, for the needs of oil and gas production. We have a wide range of technologies – more than any other supplier – for industrial water treatment in upstream processes: ultrafiltration (UF), polymeric adsorbents, selective ion exchange resins (IX), reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration to remove sulfates, (NF) membranes.

Solution benefits

  • our solutions reduce harmful emissions;
  • time-tested (more than 16 years on the market);
  • own production line reduces the time of manufacture and delivery of equipment;
  • full project support and technical support;
  • reduce the energy costs of the enterprise, due to the secondary use of resources;
  • warranty for all equipment up to 24 months;
  • service, warranty and post-warranty service.

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