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Food industry

HELYX Group of Companies offers a full range of wastewater treatment services for the food industry.

General description

Frequent questions

Wastewater from food enterprises has different characteristics in terms of contamination with organic compounds, the content of colloidal, suspended and low-dispersion substances. The composition of effluents depends on technological processes, products and the composition of raw materials. For example, the drains of a meat processing plant contain animal proteins (blood) and pathogenic organisms.

Organic compounds are the main pollutant of food production effluents, therefore COD and BOD are important indicators.

Our solutions

When choosing a wastewater treatment technology for food enterprises, it is worth following the requirements for the quality of purified water. High concentrations of COD and BOD, as well as suspended solids, suggest cleaning in several stages, which will allow it to be brought to the required degree.

    The main stages of cleaning:
  • preliminary cleaning of coarse impurities (mechanical gratings and HELYX drum sieves);
  • removal of fats and fat-like impurities (fat traps and fat separators HELYX);
  • extraction of colloidal impurities and emulsified fats (HELYX pressure flotation units);
  • collection and dewatering of flotation sludge (HELYX screw dehydrators);
  • reagent treatment with coagulants and flocculants (HELYX reagent preparation and dosing units);
  • clarification by settling and straining (settling tanks and HELYX clarifying filters).


Waste water from dairies, meat processing plants, breweries, confectionery factories, bakeries, etc.


Solution benefits

  • extensive experience in the design and commissioning of industrial wastewater treatment plants;
  • own production;
  • warranty for all equipment up to 24 months;
  • service, warranty and post-warranty service.
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