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Instrumental energy audit

An instrumental energy audit is carried out in order to determine the actual performance of individual power plants and the overall consumption of energy resources by the enterprise. The main objectives of the instrumental survey is to determine the actual performance of the equipment and compare them with normalized values, identify and analyze the causes of their discrepancy and ways to eliminate them.

Our advantages

When calculating and identifying promising projects, we will conduct evidence-based instrumental measurements for a clear understanding of the real picture of production. We are not interested in taking measurements for reports and volumes, we carry out instrumental examination only where it is necessary, therefore we carry out the initial analysis of documents free of charge.

The cost of the service and the timing

Terms of carrying out: from 2 days.

Service cost: from 100 thousand rubles.

What will you get as a result

The final product of the conducted energy survey is a report. This report reflects all the information about the energy efficiency indicators of the object of the survey, identified shortcomings that lead to the irrational use of fuel and energy resources, and provides recommendations for optimizing the process of accounting and use of energy resources. The information given in the report has a final expression in tons of standard fuel and in rubles, which allows you to realistically assess the energy saving potential of the surveyed object, and, in essence, this is the setting of tasks for the third stage of work.