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Energy service contract

Energy services are energy-saving measures at the expense of an energy service company in order to increase energy efficiency and energy saving at the customer's facilities, leading to savings. As part of the implementation of the energy service contract, the energy service company pays all costs, including design, installation, equipment purchase and other costs. 0% initial investment - no preliminary investment is required from the consumer of the energy resource, the activities are financed by the energy service company (hereinafter referred to as the Investor).

Our advantages

0% additional costs - settlements with the Investor are carried out from the resulting savings. Part of the risk of achieving the necessary savings is borne by the Investor. Maximum technical efficiency - The investor is directly interested in implementing the most effective solution on the market and can flexibly combine solutions from different suppliers.

The cost of the service and the timing

Terms of carrying out: from 5 weeks.

Service cost: from 500 thousand rubles.

What will you get as a result

At the end of the energy service contract, the customer takes ownership of all improvements and new equipment and continues to receive all savings. A form of an agreement aimed at saving energy resources by increasing energy efficiency and introducing technologies that ensure energy saving.